About Us

The Paperless Paper™ Song

If we can get the world to GO Paperless!™ we can reduce the amount of paper that is wasted worldwide. If we can get the world to GO Paperless!™ think of the impact it would have on our skies. If we can get the world to  GO Paperless!™ imagine what else we can change in our lives.

That’s the world I want to live in. I want to GO Paperless!™

The Organization’s Role

GO Paperless!™ makes it easy for organizations to lead the way to the development of a sustainable relationship with our planet. It is tempting to reach out to people in the familiar paper-based way, but technology has given us new green options and opportunities. We need to be leaders in green business and use innovation to evolve to a more sustainable relationship with our customers, supporters and buyers.

The Individual’s Role

It’s time to decide as a society to make changes in the way we live and changes in the way business is done. Marketers believe that people want paper-based marketing because it is easy and familiar. We as individuals are responsible for giving companies a reason to GO Paperless!™ and interacting with organizations in a greener way.

Our Commitment

At GO Paperless!™, we believe that sustainability is possible when it comes to business. By making a conscious effort to use better alternatives and reduce paper waste, we can have a greener marketplace and add more value than traditional paper-based marketing ever could.

  • use green alternatives to fight climate change
  • reduce the amount of paper we use
  • lead the way towards a greener marketplace