Learn about Trees

Trees are all very unique. Just like snowflakes, no two trees are the same! All trees, though, are a type of plant that have tall wooden trunks, roots, branches, and leaves or needles.

Trees don’t just die after one year or season, but they stay alive for many years. Some of them get to be a thousand years old! Trees need four things to live – sunlight, water, air, and soil.

Trees are very important to our planet. Some trees, like pear trees and walnut trees, give us fruit and nuts to eat.

Some trees like oak and cedar give us wood to build tables and chairs. Lots of animals and birds make homes near the roots or on the branches. All trees make oxygen for us to breathe.

That means that we need to take care of our trees. You use paper every single day right? Well paper comes from tree trunks. And today, people in different countries all over the world use so much paper that there are fewer and fewer trees, and smaller and smaller forests.

Check out our Hug a Tree page, and maybe we can work together to reduce how much paper we use and save one tree at a time!

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