Kids Zone

We can help our trees out by remembering the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We all know how to recycle pretty well, but there are two other more important ones. Reduce, and Reuse!

Reduce means Using Less Paper

Print on both sides of a page, or only print when you really need to. If your Dad is writing up a grocery list, tell him to write on a sticky note instead of a whole blank page. This ‘R’ is a really important one: the less paper we use, the fewer trees we cut down.

Tree with Girl huggingReuse means Using it Again

This means taking a piece of paper you’ve already used for something, and using it again – if you have print-outs that aren’t useful anymore, write a note or draw a picture on the other side. Or make a craft. There are so many to choose from – paper airplanes, collage, paper dolls, origami, or papier mache!

Maybe by doing one or two of these steps, you can help save a tree with us.