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Choose your own GO Paperless!™ adventure
The VP stops at your door, knocks and asks if you have a second.  You wave her in.

“Just got out of a meeting with the new COO and she wants us to look at how much money we can save if we GO Paperless! with our customers or in our teams.  We are going to figure out where our biggest cost savings will come from. Where do you think we should focus our efforts?”

You take it in, then reach for your tablet and pull a report to see what the print expenditure looks like…


Choose from the options below

Our customers demographics suit electronic communication and we do spend a lot on printing and getting it into their hands. We could save a significant amount of money if we asked our customers to GO Paperless!™

What should I consider?

The cost of print solutions for your customers comes in many forms including brochures, corporate reports, posters, print advertising and invoices. Replacing these with paperless solutions can reduce cost of customer interaction.

Everyone is printing all the time.  The amount of paper I throw out that I receive in meetings is incredible.  Even though we have reduced our printing by going double sided, it seems as though we are still printing a lot.  We could save money on our paper and the ink.

What should I consider?

Having an effective paperless environment for teams requires the right technology for the job.  Asking a sales person to not print and not providing them with a tablet to replace the printing they do doesn’t help.  There is a technology cost to GO Paperless!